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  1. Falling Deeper

From the album Tenderheaded

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Written by Dave James, Leah Smith, Brandon Camphor
Produced by Dave James
Dave James - Guitars, All Programming
Leah Smith - Vocals
Ron B. - Drums
Elvin "Wit" Shabazian - Mixing Engineer
Recorded in Upper Marlboro, MD


Jesus You are life to me
All my hope and all my peace
Nothing in this world compares to You
Everything else comes up weak
After all of my searching
It's true

Jesus You are joy to me
Every smile, every time
You're the reason I want to rise in the morning and shine
You are who I want to see
You are where I need to be...be

You've always been there for me
And You
You always take care of me
I just can't stop
Falling deeper, and deeper in love
With You Jesus
With You Jesus

Jesus You're the rest I need
In a world that's always striving
Everybody fighting to succeed
But In You I'm secure and blessed
I don't perform for acceptance
I'm free

You are my Savior
You are the way, the truth and the life
I have nothing in this world beside You