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  1. Chameleon

From the album Tenderheaded

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Written by Leah Smith, Dave James, Michael Boykin
Produced by Dave James
Leah Smith - Vocals, Keyboard
Dave James - All Programming
Larry Mack - Horns
?? - Drums
Elvin "Wit" Shabazian - Mixing Engineer
Recorded in Upper Marlboro, MD


I'm just one of a million faces in this town
I'm a drop in a bucket deep enough to drown
Trina keep up with all my friends
Always tryna stay on trend, Yea

Can't be a chameleon
Blending in with everyone
Can I see some diversity
Please don't tell me who I have to be


I thought a tattoo would make me stand out and feel new
So I got these but I still feel like me
And I always feel like you, Yea
I'll be good in my own skin
Once I kick the urge to blend, Yea

Sometimes I remind myself
I can't be nobody else
Prayed for eyes to clearly see
How God made me uniquely me, Yea