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  1. Tellyvision

From the album Tenderheaded

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Written by Leah Smith, Dave James, Jerome Baylor, Danni Baylor, Courtney Orlando
Produced by Dave James
Leah Smith - Vocals, Keyboard
Dave James - All Programming
Jerome Baylor - Vocals, Vocal Production
Danni Baylor - Vocals, Vocal Production
Courtney Orlando - Vocals, Additional Drum Programming
Johnny Walker - Strings
Elvin "Wit" Shabazian - Mixing Engineer
Recorded in Upper Marlboro, MD


You can give me poison
Let me get a spoon
Throw me like a volleyball
And spike from night 'til noon
You can play your politics
I'll always play my part
I promise from the bottom of my heart

You can sell me cars and clothes
Improved identity
Pills, perfumes, and colored hair
And new versions of me
You could hard ball each day of the week
I promise do you hear the words I speak

You could sell me a vision
I don't know what I'm getting
But you could sell me a vision
I don't know I don't know I
I don't know I don't know

I could pretend that it's reality
Give me a marathon I'll give you me
You're so entertaining and so innovative
I know time is wasting but so
Fan the flame

When did we become a thing
safe inside this web of lies you spun for me
I know you think I'll never leave
I'll stay asleep inside your dream

But I'm awake
But I'm awake