Album Thank Yous

This album is dedicated to my mother and father, Harriette and Larry Smith. I love you and couldn't say thank you enough for your support and love down through the years!

Thank you - Aj, Ara, Soren, Melissa, Josh, Kevin and Jane Smith, Ally and Dan and family, Abby, Timothy and Rashida and the Welbeck kids, Chris Orner, Kelli Jones, Melissa Chin, Harry and Tiara Wilson, Restoration and Epiphany church families, Cassandra Altema, Rahshanah Washington, Ariel Dakota

Special Thanks - Dave James, Brandon Camphor, Glenn Barratt and Morningstar Sudios, Darrell Edmonds, Jerome and Danni Baylor, Elvin Shabazian, Josh Wann, Michael Boykin

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