About Tenderheaded...

I had a really hard time getting my hair done as a child.  I hated having my hair combed out, parted, cornrowed, etc. It was very painful and I was very unhappy whenever my time came. However, when I'd look in the mirror afterwards I'd be happy with the result (usually).   

With this album I'm using the term "tenderheaded" as a metaphor for life.  Life can be painful and tedious, but God is in the process of making us beautiful; our hardships are purposeful in the hands of God.  

I made this record over the course of about four years. A while back I started seeing a therapist about depression and so much ground has been covered in our sessions.  I'm learning to trace God's hand through my life and experiences and make some sense out of my struggles! I truly believe that God is forming me day by day into what He wants me to be, and although I've struggled with depression, fear, disappointment, resentment and many other issues, I know I'm getting stronger and being spiritually built up as I trust Jesus more. The daily work is to look to Him and trust His rock solid goodness despite what I feel.  

I hope this album encourages and inspires people. We all struggle in many ways. We're all "tenderheaded"...BUT, the result of what God is doing in our lives is worth the momentary discomfort. I believe that! 


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    I love that.

    I love that.

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